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CYCLEAN bamboo fabric

CYCLEAN period underwear Benefits of bamboo fabric and Certified organic cotton - Antimicrobial - Keeps you odor free and feeling and smelling fresh. - Highly absorbent - Moisture wicking - Keeps you dry, cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 

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CYCLEAN period panties

FULL COVERAGE FOR DAY & NIGHT, LIGHT TO HEAVY FLOWCYCLEAN Period Panties hold up to 2 regular tampons with 4 layers of full protection.This is great for young teen girls at school without any mess or hassle.

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Cyclean Period Underwear that really works!

Cylean were invented for better protection, health, and feeling. This cute high absorbency reusable underwear does not need disposables for day and overnight. Cyclean period underwear are made of breathable, antimicrobial certified organic cotton and bamboo fabric for sensitve women and teen girls. Switch to stress-free reusable period undies. No more bulky bags of bleached pads ever!

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